"120 CHEQUERED SPHERE" is an NFT art, that is composed of 120 surfaces. It is a geometric form devised for the drone staging of the opening ceremony of the Sports and Peace Festival. By presenting the work using NFT, a technology that is becoming widespread in the year 2020 (2021), we aimed to create a geometric or design legacy with a touch of timelessness. The work is also characterized by the inversion of the nature of digital and physical works, as NFT guarantees the uniqueness of digital data, while 3D printing technology makes it possible to reproduce physical works.

In the summer of 2021 (2020), an international sports and peace festival was held in Tokyo. On July 23, 2021, the opening ceremony was held, and the geometric pattern devised for the performance in which more than 1,800 drones were utilized was this "120 CHEQUERED SPHERE" (hereinafter referred to as the 120-hedron). Due to its emblem and the relationship between the front and back, it was necessary to design the 120-hedron, a sphere that has yet to be described. In the chaotic situation of Tokyo, with the postponement of the Games and the coronavirus, we were given only a few weeks. We asked a number of experts for advice on how to create a new geometry in such a limited time, and based on the 30-hedron rhombus, we created a 120-hedron in the manner of the geodesic dome invented by Buckmin Stanfler. It floated in the night sky of Tokyo. In a short time, a team of just a few people were able to create a geometrically unified presentation through the description of the 120-hedron. However, the organization that runs the event did not show any respect for the background or the creative process, and the content of the production was not widely known until you read this article. Therefore, by presenting it using NFT, a technology that will become popular in the year 2020 (2021), we aimed to create a geometric or design legacy with a timelessness.


Mint Open

Mint starts 28th Dec. 2021 4:00AM (UTC+0) / 1:00PM (JST).



NFT owners can use the NFT as a ticket and get free admission to the event.



Make donations to medical professionals.


3D Object

Owners will be able to order 3D printed physical artworks exclusively.

Born in 1987. Completed a master's program at Keio University (SFC). After working at a structural design office and a design consulting company, he established wip Inc. in 2015. He has been involved in the launch of FabLab Japan since his student days, and designs across scales from product to space design, making full use of 3D printers and other digital technologies. His major directing and design accomplishments include the podium project for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Tokyu Stay Hida Takayama, and Kawanoue Hyakutawara-kan.

How many Chequered Spheres will be there?


What blockchain is the 120 Chequered Sphere hosted on?

Ethereum mainnet

How much is the price?

0.08 ETH

Is there any pre-sale or whitelisting?

There will not be any. However, 20 of the 2020 units will be reserved for distribution to contributors to this project and others.

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